Anti-Seize Klever Bolt Dip and Brush

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Using the Bolt Dip and Brush makes applying anti-seize to bolts, screws, pipe threads, A/C fittings, etc. much easier without the mess and it will last twice as long as the conventional can-brush systems.   The anti-seize stays clean and won't dry out.

Our Bolt Dip and Brush dispenser comes with 8 ounces of Anti-Seize Special, a copper grade, which is a superior high quality anti-seize lubricating compound of very fine metallic particles in a special high heat petroleum carrier.  Anti-Seize Special shields surfaces by providing a lamination of solid lubricants, and operates at temperatures over 2000 deg F.  It exceeds military specifications MIL-PRE-907F.

Other grades of anti-seize available are:  Copper-Graphite, Nickle-Graphite, Moly-Lit, Metal Free, Zinc, Copper Plate, Aluminum Plate, Nickle Plate, Moly Plate, Pure White, Marine Grade and Marine Grade-Non Metallic.  Call for information and pricing.

Our anti-seize products protect against rust and corrosion, are compatible with all types of metals and most plastics, lowers friction and reduces  torque.  It also speeds assembly, facilitates dis-assembly and is non-hardening and non-dripping.

Applications include: all nuts and bolts, bushings, centers, cam rollers, slow moving bearings, compressors, conveyors, couplings, dies, drills, fittings, gears, generators, keyways, motors, pacing, press fits, pumps, shafts, sleeves, taps, turbines, valves, wrist pins and more.

Around the home you can brush it on light bulb threads for easy installation and removal, on outside hose to faucet connections, tight fitting wood screws, lawn and garden equipment, etc.


  • ItemAnti Seize Compound
  • Container Size16 oz.
  • Container TypeBolt Dip and Brush
  • Min. Operating Temp.-30 Degrees F
  • Max. Operating Temp.2000 Degrees F
  • Lubricant NSF RatingNot Rated
  • Physical FormPaste
  • Net Weight16 oz.
  • Specific Gravity1.30
  • VOC ContentNo VOC
  • StandardsExceeds MIL-A-907
  • ApplicationEases Assembly and Disassembly of Metal Parts From Rust, Corrosion, Galling and Seizing<iframe width="560" height="315"